Best foot spa massager in India 2020

Best Foot Spa Massagers in India

Water massager is one of the types of foot massagers. Water massager ( water massage therapy ) is useful in many ways it is not only helpful in relieving stress by massaging your feet but also you can get a spa-like pedicure at your home easily and this you can save your money and time. A foot spa massager can be a wonderful product when you want instant relief. As water pressure massage helps you to reduce all stress from your foot instantly.

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When you will place your feet inside the lukewarm water then you can feel intense relief when the water will touch the nerve of your feet then you will feel relaxed and your whole body will get stress free. As all the nerve ending are present at your feet so when you will place your feet inside the water in the massager then your feet will feel relaxed then your whole body will automatically going to get relaxed.

A foot spa massager is a device that can be used by all the age groups. It is a very worthy device in-home needs.

DEALCROX Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager for Feet Pain Relieve and Care

DEALCROX Foot Spa Bath and Roller Massager for Feet Pain Relieve and Care

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  • Type of massager: Roller massager and bubble massager
  • Warranty : NA

This massager is at the top of our list. It is the most affordable foot spa massager and it comes with a lot of impressive features.

It is very simple to use, you only have to pour some water and plug up the device the water will automatically get heated up and then you can place your feet inside the water and relax.

Some Important features of the product are-

  1. It comes with a magnetotherapy technique your feet would be subjected to FO a weak magnetic wave due to the presence of a magnet in the massager. This therapy is helpful in giving therapeutic relief from stress.
  2. It also comes with gas wave oxygenation feature in this process more oxygen is poured inside the massager which increase the oxygen levels in your spin issues and make them healthy.
  3. It comes with an infrared physiotherapy feature which gives you a very calm and relaxed feeling.
  4. The roller is also present in the device which gives you a smooth massaging resulting in best water massage therapy.
  5. This product is durable and standard in operation.


  • It comes with magnetic therapy, gas wave oxygenation feature.
  • The water gets heated up fast and automatically.


  • Low grade plastic is used.
  • No warranty.

JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager

JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager

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  • Type of massages: Bubble massager and Vibration massager
  • Warranty: 1 Year

JSB HF36 Foot Spa Massager is a portable device that comes with a large tub so that you can place your feet easily and comfortably inside the massager.

It is very easy to use. This device comes with an automatic heating element that can heat the water within a few minutes. This device provides the best water pressure massage.

Some important feature –

  • The device comes with a separate LCD that displays the temperature
  • It comes with auto reflexology rollers inside the device which gives a soothing effect to your feet.
  • It also comes with a small brush attachment which could give a calming effect and you can get a spa-like pedicure at your home.
  • This massager can vibrate and gives you bubble massage thus it increases the comfort level and provide the best water massage therapy.


  • It comes with an LCD screen, temperature control heating element.
  • Auto reflexology rollers.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty.


  • It needs to improve the insulation.

Beurer Foot Bubble Spa (Beige)

Beurer Foot Bubble Spa (Beige) - water pressure massage

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  • Type of massages: vibration and bubble massage.
  • Warranty: NA

This foot massager is known for its best performance. This spa massager is known for its bubbling nature and it comes with easily interchangeable pedicure elements. This water pressure massage gives you a relaxing experience.

Some important feature are –

  1. This device gives you the best water massage therapy resulting in a relaxing and therapeutic experience.
  2. The heating element is very fast and the temperature can be controlled through the dial knob present on the dashboard side.
  3. It is solid and durable in nature you can easily sink your feet and relax.  
  4. This device comes with vibration massage and bubble massage which can give a soothing and calming effect to your feet.
  5. It comes with 3 different removable and the detachable attachments for different foot relax zone massaging.
    1. The first one is a brush that gives you a soothing experience.
    1. The second one gives a press to so the pain from your feet
    1. The third one gives you acupressure styled relief.


  • It is a long-lasting device.
  • This device comes with a dial knob for temperature control.
  • It comes with a fast-heating element.


  • Quite expensive
  • No warranty.

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