Best Hair Dryers present in Indian market 2020

Best Hair Dryers in India

Hair Dryers are one of the most spectacular inventions that have now become a necessity for most of us and also became a necessary part of our everyday routine. It is really very helpful in reducing hair drying time. But not only these hair dryers are useful in many other ways. As it can be used as a multipurpose device, hair dryer can be used to style your hairs in many ways like you can straighten your hair, curl your hair and make your hair look more shiny and silky.

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The key features of an ideal and good hair dryer is that it should be light, easy to handle, and highly efficient. So, in this article, we have listed some of the best hair dryers present in the Indian market. Read the buying guide section so that you can make the right choice of the hair dryer according to your needs.

Top 5 Hair Dryers in India – 2020

Just like other products, you can see variety of options available in Indian market when looking for the best hair dryer. To make things simpler, we have created a list of 5 best hair dryers present in Indian market.

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer 

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Philips is one of the most popular brands in the field of hair styling and this brand is famous for making affordable and best products. This model of hair dryer is one of them which is not only affordable but also among the list of best product all over the country.

It is at the top position in the list due to its impressive feature like

1. it has a strong air suction feature which is very helpful in drying your hairs within a few minutes.

2. It is designed in such a way that it is lightweight and easy to handle.

3. It also has a thermo-protect feature that provides optimal drying temperature it also provides additional protection from overheating the hair.

4. It also features advanced concentration technology which helps you to dry out your hair without making it frizzy.

Another feature in this hair dryer is that it has been provided with 2-speed settings which help you to adjust the speed so that you can perform the drying process easily.

Specifications :

  • Cord length : 1.5 meters
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Speed Setting : high and low
  • Power consumption : 1000watts for gentle drying
  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 8 x 14 cm ; 299 g

Pros :

  • Compact and light in weight
  • Dries your hair in less than 15 minutes.
  • Comes with impressive feature like Advanced concentrator technology and ThermoProtect temperature setting

Cons :

  • It cannot blow cool air.
  • Available in only one colour.

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

The SYSKA is another popular brand in the field of hairstyling products in India. It comes with compact and foldable design, which makes this product easy to carry and use, not only this brand has always maintained the quality in all their products at affordable prices.

SYSKA hair dryers also come with 2-speed settings that are low and high features to perform hair drying process easily and quickly within a few minutes.

It consists of a concentrator which maintains the hair moisture levels, another exciting feature in this is that overheat protection feature which protects your hair from damaging.

It also has heat balancing technology that uniformly distributes the hot air equally to dry out hair quickly.

Specifications :

  • Cord length : 1.6 meters
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Speed Setting : high and low
  • Power consumption : 1200 watts
  • Product Dimensions : 22 x 12.3 x 9 cm ; 440 g

Pros :

  • Comes with advance features like heat balance technology and overheat protection feature.
  • It comes with 2 in 1 hot and cold air blower function and 2-speed settings (low and high)
  • The body design is foldable for portability
  • It produces less noise during operation.

Cons :

  • Power cord is short in length.

Havells HD3151 1600W Powerful Hair Dryer

Havells HD3151 1600W Powerful Hair Dryer

Havells is one of India’s leading companies. This brand has always maintained good quality in its products and impressive customer care services.

The Havells HD3151 model hair dryers are a multipurpose device that can be used for drying, styling and making your hair silky and smooth.

It comes with a detachable nozzle that allows you to set the airflow in a particular direction. When you set the temperature to low mode then cool airflow gets activated.

Another feature in this hair dryer is the honeycomb inlet at the back of the device to prevent the scrambling of hair while drying. It consists of a 1.6m long power cord which offers maximum flexibility. It is also provided with a storage hook.

Specifications :

  • Cord length : 1.6 meters
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Speed Setting : 3 temperature settings (hot, warm and cool)
  • Power consumption : 1600 watts (Gentle drying with 1200w)
  • Product Dimensions : 18.3 x 7.7 x 25.2 cm ; 336 g

Pros :

  • It comes with a foldable handle.
  • It is provided with 3 temperatures setting i.e. hot, warm, and cold.
  • It also comes with advanced features like Heat balancing technology, double protection mechanism, and Honeycomb inlet is specially designed to avoid tangling of the hair.

Cons :

  • It makes little noise while operating.
  • Do not have an ionic flow feature.

Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer

Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a salon-like hair styling at your home then Nova NHP 8100 hair dryer is the best option for you. Though Nova is a new brand yet it has maintained its standards and quality in all its products.

It comes with a lot of useful feature and is available at genuine prices.

Some of the exciting features of this hair dryer is that

  1. It comes with ion conditioning technology which releases ions and reduces frizz and seals the cuticles.
  2. The Thermo protect temperature setting is another impressive feature that facilitates the fast-drying by setting into a particular temperature.
  3. It is also provided with over heat protection technology which prevents the hair from overheating.

It also comes with 2 heat settings for adjusting the flow of air which makes it suitable for all the hair types.

Specifications :

  • Cord length : 1.8 meters
  • Warranty : 1 years
  • Speed Setting : 2 temperature settings (hot and cool)
  • Power consumption : 1200 watts
  • Item Weight: 299 g

Pros :

  • Comes with 2 flexible speed setting.
  • It comes with an attachment type concentrator.
  • It provided with ionic conditioning technology.

Cons :

  • It makes noise during operating.

CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer (Black)

CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer (Black)

CHAOBA is a Chinese company that sells hair styling tools and products. The hair dryer from this company comes with a lot of useful features like a concentrator that helps to dry your hair.

This is a professional hair dryer which can not only be used professionally in the salon but also you can use it at your homes and you can give yourself a professional look.

It comes with various wonderful features like – Detachable concentrator nozzle which emits the stream of air which can be used for styling your hair and overheating protection feature which automatically turns off the device when it gets overheated.

It has 2 meters long power cord which make it easy to use and handle.

Specifications :

  • Cord length : 2 meters
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Speed Setting : 3 temperature settings (hot, warm and cool)
  • Power consumption : 2000 watts
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 9 cm ; 299 g

Pros :

  • It comes with 3 & 2 flexible speed setting.
  • Comes with advanced feature.
  • Easy to handle.

Cons :

  • It can’t be folded.
  • It makes noise while operating.


Hair Dryer Type :

There are different types of hair dryers available in the market. Some of them are –

  • Retail Hair Dryers : It is often used by domestic users.
  • Professional Hair Dryers : These type of hair dryers are used by professionals and they are salon grade hair dryers which boast more heat and less RPM and they can work easily on AC.
  • Travel Hair Dryers : These hair dryers are light in weight and foldable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Wall Mounted Dryer : They are the same as a hand held models but they are mountable on the walls.

Hair Dryer Wattage :

Hair dryers with high wattage should be preferred as it will produce more heat and it dry your hari quickly

A hair dryer which comes in between 1200 to 1800 Watts is a good option if you have thick and long hairs, then hair dryer with high wattage should be used. But if you have damaged hair then you should prefer towel drying with the lowest heat setting in hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Feature and Accessories :

There are many features and attachments available in a modern hair dryer like –

  • Diffuses : These are used to left and separate hair to boost its natural texture.
  • Dryer Brush : These are built-in brush in hair dryer
  • Swivel Cord : It should belong so that it can prevent tangling.
  • Steam Dryers : If soften your hairs

Magnetic Attachments : There are available in hair dryer so that attachments can be changed easily and quickly

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